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Habeas Corpus

CLCMA represents defendants filing federal habeas petitions under 18 USC § 2255 for national security related cases and cases involving religious discrimination.

Habeas actions are civil appeals of a final criminal conviction, in an attempt to overturn a conviction, obtain a new trial, or reduce a sentence. Habeas petitions are allowed to be filed within one year of the final judgement of one’s criminal case. This is often a defendant’s last chance to argue their case once all criminal appeals have been exhausted. CLCMA can assist with reviewing the record of trial, identifying constitutional issues which may be reviewable in Federal habeas actions on a final appeal, drafting habeas petitions, participating in evidentiary hearings, when granted, and arguing for relief under this statute.

If you think you or a family member may benefit from the filing of a Habeas action, click here to get more information of what is involved.

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